Monday, July 27, 2015

Lecturing on Self-Care

One of the problems I encounter when I am asked to lecture about the CARES Tool is I never seem to have enough time to really address all the things I want to say on the importance of self-care. I end up spending way to much time on the other sections of the CARES Tool and often find I have little time to devote to the last section "S" self-care. HPNA asked me to speak at their Leadership Conference that was just held for their Board of Directors and their regional chapter leaders this past weekend in Pittsburg, PA.

It was great fun meeting everyone and HPNA gave me a chance to sell some of my reference books on the CARES Tool published by Springer. It went well and I was thrilled how many people found my talk helpful. I am planning to post the Power Point I used on this website for others to download and use in their presentations about the CARES Tool. There is even a good chance that the CARES Tool will be picked up by HPNA. I love the thought of being able to reach even more nurses and health care providers and get the word out about the CARES Tool. I have such respect for the HPNA organization and their very approachable and down to earth staff and administrators.

A final topic I want to cover is about my second book Resilient Hearts. I placed an order today to receive 100 advance copies. The book will be on Amazon and hopefully at bookstores after October 13th. So if you are counting, I had 2 books published in 2015!! I think I need a nap! Anyway, I will have books available for early sale by mid-August. I hope to get them into Universities and do a few book signings- so we will see what happens. I am also nearing completion of the final edits for a movie script I wrote based on Resilient Hearts. My husband Allen, is going to be making an independent film based on my script. He knows numerous film people that want to help and I will be talking to Azusa Pacific University to see if the School of Nursing wants to get involved. It all seems like everything is falling into place so keep your fingers crossed for me.