Sunday, April 19, 2015

Had a great experience attending a conference through City of Hope that explored how to establish and develop an effective Palliative Care program. Dr. Ira Byock was there and gave a very inspirational speech. He identified that the medical model is inadequate when caring for the terminally ill and dying because the care must be personal. What a great way to explain the difference in care that must be provided, and personal includes not just the patient but their family and the care givers involved with care. The whole concept addresses the need for listening, compassion, empathy and the importance of personalizing care.

I sincerely believe nurses must step up in their role as patient advocates and function in a primary palliative care provider role which differs from the Primary Care Specialist. Nurses must become well trained and compassionate primary Palliative Care providers. We have our work cut out for us.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Had a great time at the Nursing Symposium at Azusa Pacific University. The attendees enjoyed my talk about the CARES Tool and I had some very lively discussions. I enjoy the enthusiasm of the students and I look forward to the opportunity to talk to them more. With each of my lectures I am reminded of the work that needs to be done to educate about compassionate care of the dying. I am  hoping to have an established organization pick up and promote the CARES Tool so it can be shared with even a broader audience. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I am getting ready to do my first book signing at the yearly research symposium put on by Azusa Pacific University where I graduated with a DNP in 2013. They very kindly asked me to talk about the CARES Tool and share how it was developed and what is happening with it, all in 30 minutes. For me that will be a challenge. I look forward to seeing the faculty again, and I love being around the students with all of their energy. I am just trying to get organized and deciding what to emphasize during my talk. This is usually a lost cause as I just go off into some  tangent no matter how I plan.

I am making cover submissions to my publisher for my next book Resilient Hearts. I am really hoping it will help bring a better understanding of what goes on with a Palliative Care Team. I am proud of the results and can't wait for others to read it.

So my writing has slowed down and I am trying to adjust. I need to focus on keeping my web site current and doing some research for a possible third book. I hope any one reading this is doing well and I look forward to sharing more thoughts with you.

Take Care