Saturday, February 13, 2016

Staying Busy

Thought I should up-date on my projects and lectures, and what has been happening with the CARES Tool.

  • I just finished the first draft of an extended CARES Tool for friends and family. The original version was designed to directly complement the original CARES Tool. It was intended to explain/expand upon what the nurse was doing; but I realized it couldn't stand alone without a lot of explanation. I was also aware that my institution was using multiple hand-outs to educate families with dying loved-ones. So, I attempted to combine all of these resources into one guide called "Compassionate Person-Centered Care of the Dying for Friends and Family." Hopefully, it will be available through City of Hope in the near future.
  • I was honored by the American Journal of Nursing (AJN) with a 2015 Book of the Year award in the category of Hospice and Palliative Care for "Compassionate Person Centered Care of the Dying: A Research Based Palliative Care Guide for Nurses." I was grateful to obtain further validation from AJN's experts on the CARES Tool.
  • I will be lecturing in Las Vegas March 10-12 at the How the Experts Treat Hematologic Malignancies conference sponsored by City of Hope.
  • I will be providing a 3 hour workshop on providing evidence based care of the dying with a focus on the CARES Tool at the California NP (CANP) 39th annual Educational Conference in New Port Beach on March 19th.
  • On April 17th I will be lecturing in Budapest, Hungary with Dr. Sorin Buga on Chemical Coping at the 2nd International Lung Cancer Symposium.
  •  I am in the process of converting my book Resilient Hearts to a six episode film production with tentative plans to eventually post on YouTube.
  • I am blessed to have the opportunity to precept two DNP students. On will be taking on a CARES research project with Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena, CA; and the other is exploring possible CARES focused research projects to be completed through her program at Penn State University.
  • I will begin development of an on-line CEU program on the CARES Tool to be distributed internationally.
So, as you can see I am staying busy. I wish all of you the best.
Take care,