Thursday, March 12, 2015

NCCN Conference

Here in Hollywood Florida for the NCCN conference. I had a surprising number of participants stay to hear me give the last lecture of the day. I understand the general scheme of a conference is to go with new things and progress through out the day and end with dying, but just once I would like to be in the middle of a conference so people can stay focused. They won't be tired, or worried about traffic, and could absorb what I have to say.

I have to admit being the last lecture wasn't bad this time. The audience was very responsive and I got some nice comments after. I just wish I brought more CARES Tools and book marks. I hope they check out my web site. Time will tell.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Update 3/1/2015

I received copies of my reference book Compassionate Person-Centered Care of the Dying: An Evidence Based Palliative care Guide for Nurses. It provides additional information and insight into the CARES Tool from Springer Publishing. It is an amazing feeling to hold a years worth of work in your hands. I am very proud of the end result and am looking forward to using the book to help educate staff at City of Hope on care of the dying.

I completed my second book that is actually a novel called Resilient Hearts and signed a contract with Tate Publishing. Resilient Hearts follows a fictional Palliative Care team as they work with terminally ill and dying patients and their families. The novel also focuses on how the team members provide self-care through the central character of Michael Lafata, a doctorate prepared palliative care nurse practitioner.  The story line includes a patient who opts for palliative sedation, providing last wishes for a gentleman dying of heart failure, and arranging special closure activities for a five year old and a retired army officer. The story combines multiple actual events and demonstrates the importance of laughter, compassion, empathy, and understanding. The need for music and joy is explored and shared with the reader. (I don't want to give away everything) I am hoping Resilient Hearts will be available before Christmas.

I want to encourage any of my readers to ask questions about my postings or the CARES Tool. I want this blog to provide further understanding of the use of the CARES Tool and to encourage nurse advocacy and promote communication.

Take Care