Sunday, November 1, 2015


I am thrilled to announce the release of my second book, Resilient Hearts. It is a collection of experiences I had caring for the dying and their families consolidated into a continuous story that follows a Palliative Care team in a hospital setting. I wanted to share what an honor and privilege it is to be accepted into a family's world at such an emotional and intimate time, and how Palliative Care team members can help patients and families focus on the journey and make what time remains as special and as loving as possible.

Death can become a celebration of life when we focus on the journey. The humor, the love, and the true joy is often a surprise for many and rarely equated with the dying process. Resilient Hearts attempts to share this joy and to instruct about the importance of  being genuine, compassionate, and remembering the importance of self-care.

I am amazed how few people know what Palliative Care is yet alone what a Palliative Care team can provide. It is my hope that Resilient Hearts will both help to educate and entertain.

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