Saturday, August 27, 2016

Latest Update

Lots of great things happening with the CARES Tool. The City of Hope National Medical Center has formally endorsed the tool and my Department of Supportive Services is going to take an active role in promoting the tools as part of our department. The MDs in my group are going to help with lectures and publications to get more physicians on board and to hopefully cover more lecturing opportunities. We are also going to meet with COH media people to transfer over all of the resources this web site provides so everything will be provided through City of Hope.

I am also in the process of editing Resilient Hearts and making a kind of spin-off to promote group discussions of the chapters and to focus more on the teaching tool potential of the book. My plan is to rename the book: Being Resilient: A Group Study Guide to Improve Understanding and Skills to Care for the Dying. I will provide discussion questions at the end of each chapter and will make all of the recommended edits of the current work (thanks all you OCDers for your in-put). I will also plan to develop a separate teaching guide.

The movie plans for Resilient Heats is still alive but with definite respiratory problems. If my focus changes to more of an additional tool for the Being Resilient project it may still happen. Time will tell.

I have proposals out for two major conferences and plan to chat with a lecturer that specializes in care of the dying. And, because I am not busy enough, I am studying to take a certification exam in Thanatology in November.

Well gotta run,
Take care!!

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